Executive Search Services

The days of “advertise and they will come” are over for the type of high-quality candidates’ local governments are interested in attracting long-term. In reality, the best candidate for positions may not be actively seeking a new position at the time, but may be open to considering a career move if properly approached by a professional search firm with Mercer’s credentials and network of candidates. Mercer Group Associates network with highly qualified experienced local government city/county managers, assistant/deputy managers and department directors on a regular basis and will proactively encourage the best candidates that meet your needs to apply for the position. The most highly qualified candidates probably will have several career choices. Because we understand local government, Mercer Group Associates will work diligently to ensure that those candidates understand the advantages of considering your organization.

Using Mercer Group Associates to assist in your search demonstrates to the public and potential candidates that your organization values objectivity, transparency, and professionalism as it carries out its responsibility of selecting new top talent to fill positions. The public wants to know that their elected officials/manager made the hiring decision based on objective job criteria. Candidates want to know that they are competing based upon an objective review process of their skills, experience, and abilities.

The best potential candidates have probably been through a selection process several times during their career and have come to rely on the professionalism and objectivity that an experienced search firm such as Mercer Group Associates brings to the process.

When the process is complete, your organization will be able to honestly report that the new candidate was evaluated against a pool of other highly qualified candidates and was selected after an intense and objective vetting process. Mercer Group will bring that objectivity and professionalism to the selection process. We want to build long term relationships with our clients. Objectivity has proven to be one of the main criteria for developing those kinds of relationships as demonstrated by the significant number of repeat services we have provided to communities over the years.

Mercer Group Associates will be an invaluable partner and look forward to serving you.