Evelyn Racette

Consulting Associate
Cell :  928-358-3462

Email : eviemjohnson@gmail.com



Evie loves government and is passionate to tell others about the good government does in their lives every day—especially her students.  Evie also works as an instructor at Grand Canyon University specializing in teaching Public Administration as well as State and Local government.


Evie’s research interests include Biblical Leadership and Management, values of public administrators, and Fair Housing. Prior to teaching at GCU, Evie served as the City Manager of Pinetop-Lakeside and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, as well as the City Administrator in Prairie City, Iowa. 

Evie is Mom to Mattie, a spunky 2-year-old, and wife to Tim, a web designer, and entrepreneur.  In her spare time, she loves to hike, mountain bike, and enjoy a glass of wine!